Grammaticus Maximus

Latin grammar gamified

    Latin grammar boring? Grammaticus Maximus! Inflactions gamified.

    Game concept

    Barbarians are attacking Rome. But they’re not just barbarians, they’re grammar-savvy barbarians! You are Grammaticus Maximus, the leader of the Roman army. By sending legionnaires of the correct inflection to the onrushing barbarians you can save Rome from destruction. Defend Rome with your grammar skills, win the favor of the gods by sacrificing to them in their temples, and rain down the vengeance of Jupiter on the barbarians. Upgrade a triumphal arch in the middle of Rome in honour of your services to Rome. Grammaticus Maximus turns learning and practicing Latin grammar into a gaming challenge.

    Grammaticus Maximus has been translated into 7 languages and downloaded more than 25000 times worldwide.

    Download and play it yourself:

    Grammaticus Maximus screenshot

    Extended description

    In Grammaticus Maximus you will practice the inflections of Latin (verbs and nouns), but packed in a challenging and fun game.

    The game tasks you with defending Rome against advancing barbarians. However, these barbarians come “armed” with a Latin word. By selecting Roman soldiers of the correct inflection you can defeat the barbarians. If you send the wrong legionnaire to a barbarian, your soldier will lose. Barbarians who reach the city will set Rome on fire. If you’re not careful, Rome will burn down and you’ll lose the game. By defeating barbarians you earn pecunia. By offering this to the gods in the temples, you can improve your armies. Speed them up with the help of Mercury, train them faster with the help of Mars, or let Jupiter’s lightning make short work of an advancing barbarian. Keep playing well and the Roman peoples will grant you new upgrades for your triumphal arch in the city.

    In a beautifully designed 3D world and a challenging game setting you’ll forget that you are practicing Latin. But only with your knowledge of Latin grammar can you overcome the barbarians.

    Grammaticus Maximus, the perfect way to make boring grammar cool!


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    Grammaticus Maximus poster


    Are you a teacher and you want to promote the app to your students? I have designed a special classroom poster for this purpose. The poster contains QR codes that can be used to download the app directly. Download the poster in your preferred language:


    “Great app that played a role in our sons great final Latin paper. This makes learning fun. The repetitions with the app were perfect for conjugations.”

    - Andy W. Play store review

    “My nine year old girl is voluntarily learning her declensions to get better at this game! (And I’m learning them to compete with her). Amazing!”

    - Hugh L. Play store review