Practice the names of your students

    Easily practice the names of your students with the KoppieKoppie webapp.

    Many secondary schools in Holland (mine included) use Magister as a student tracking system. In Magister, teachers can generate handy “photo cards” with the photos and names of all students in a class on them. Useful for getting to know your pupils.

    My simple KoppieKoppie tool allows you to load the pdf of such a photo card and cover the names with bars. You can thus practice the names as a teacher and quickly get to know your students. Everything is done locally on your own computer, so no privacy-sensitive data is transmitted. Just nice and simple: cover names and click to make them visible.

    Open the KoppieKoppie webapp (in Dutch)

    An example of KoppieKoppie (with faces blurred for privacy, of course). The yellow bars can simply be switched on and off, the app automatically detects the correct location for the bars. Simple? Sure! Useful? Yes, very convenient!

    KoppieKoppie voorbeeld