Tilt your device and spell the words in the maze

    Early on in primary school, children are taught spelling. Unfortunately, spelling is not always fun and requires a lot of practice. Dolio makes spelling fun again by linking spelling words to a fun dexterity game: a maze.

    Download Dolio for Android (in Dutch)

    By tilting the phone or tablet, children have to make a ball roll through a maze and pick up the letters in the right order. The difficulty is increased very gradually, keeping it fun while spelling increasingly difficult words. As extra motivation, you earn stars by completing levels. These stars unlock new decorations for the ball and playfield that can be used to customise the game to your taste.

    The advantages of Dolio:

    • Really designed for the Dutch language, taking into account typicall Dutch double sounds such as “oe”, “ui”, “ch”, etc.
    • Vocabulary consistent with familiar teaching materials from primary education.
    • Clearly pronounced words and letters so that sppelling and pronunciation are also linked
    • Cheerful app that fits in with the experiential world of young children
    • Agility is trained through the maze game
    • Endless replayability thanks to all the unlockable parts and extras.

    Dolio screenshot